New Site Launch!

New Site Launch!

Hi everyone,

After many years of ad hoc'ing and piece mealing a website together, I have finally bit the bullet on upping the decor around here and have launched my new site! I hope y'all like it :)

All new front page, inclusive links that don't all go in every other direction online, portfolio, newsletter signup and shop- all together in one place! I'm planning on getting more done in the newsletter department, updating everyone of new monthly and seasonal products that'll be launching for The Golden Troupe and for my Fan Shop.

I'm so excited to have a nice, spiffed up spot for my art and shop- I hope you'll join me in clicking around and checking for the 40th time if all the links work XD

If you made it this far, good for you! Here's a promo code for new launch week:


Enjoy 10% off everything in the shop <3

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